Geography of Brighton & Hove


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Brighton and Hove is about 80 km (50m) south of London. The seafront is  6-km (4miles) long. If you were out on the Pier and looking back the town you would see that the land rises more steeply on your right hand side. This side is the East Cliff which is made of chalk and which runs for several miles from the centre of Brighton towards Rottingdean and Saltdean.

Brighton and Hove are at the mid point of a wide bay that stretches from Selsey Bill and Beachey Head. The original settlement probably grew up right here because an underground  river (called the Wellesbourne) flows in flows down from the Downs, through Patcham and comes out into the sea on the Kemp Town side of the Pier.

Geology of Brighton & Hove