Brighton Wheel

The Brighton Wheel









The Brighton Wheel was  in place near Brighton Pier on the seafront from 2011 until  2016. It was 45 metres (148 ft) in diameter and is 50 metres (160 ft) above sea level.There were 35 capsules which could carry up to six  adults and two children.



The Brighton i360 is a viewing tower on the seafront at the foot of the West Pier which opened in August 2016. The platform is the highest observation tower outside of London. In clear weather visitors can see over 25 miles in every direction.The tower was designed by Marks Barfield Architects, the creators of the London Eye.

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Volks Railway


The Volks Railway in Brighton was the first public electric railway in the world, and today is the oldest working electric railway. It runs along Marine Parade to the Black Rock Station, near the Marina. It was opened on 4 August 1883 by Magnus Volk. He was a local Brighton inventor and engineer, and the first person to install electricity in the city (in his own house). He also installed electric lighting into the Royal Pavilion . Magnus Volk ran his railway successfully for many years was before it was taken over by the council in 1940 following his death in 1937. It was closed during the Second World War but was restored and reopened in 1948.The railway is a tourist attraction and closes during the winter. The last train is usually at the end of September, and it reopens around Easter time. Trains run every day during the summer season, weather permitting.

The full journey from Aquarium Station to Black Rock Station takes around 12 minutes and covers 2km.The Railway is maintained by the city council. VERA (Volks Electric Railway Association) also assists in providing practical and promotional help. VERA is a local organisation open to anyone with an interest in the railway.



The Brighton Earthship in Stanmer Woods was the first to be built in the UK in 2000. The aim was to make a building with low environmental impact and that makes use of recycled materials.. The building is now a community centre with a team running training sessions educating people about the importance of eco-friendly buildings. The Earthship is made from recycled materials and is self sustainable. This means that it only uses water collected from rainfall, and power is generated by a wind turbine.The walls are made from 1000 old car tyres of which we throw away over 4o million every year.The Earthship has the potenial to harvest 48 000 litres of rainfall every year.

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Brighton Marina

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The Brighton Marina was built during the 1970′s. The huge concrete supports were made on the site and put in place by a giant crane which was also made on the site. The main parts of the structure were finished by 1977 and it was opened  by Queen Elizabeth II in May 1979.

It’s now one of the largest leisure boat marinas in Europe. As well as the boating harbour there are houses, shops, restaurants, an hotel, a casino, a cinema and a gym. There are opportunities for sailing, boat trips, diving, fishing and bowling. 

It covers an area of about 127 acres  or 0.51 km

Brunswick Developments owns the Marina.

 The RNLI operates a lifeboat from a new Station  on the West Quay.

A Sea Jet service once ran from the Marina to Dieppe in France -it was between 1979 and 1980.

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