Many languages other than English are spoken in Brighton and Hove, by permanent residents who have moved here from abroad, by children who have learned a second language at home, and by tourists or foreign language students. The city’s nearness to London, and its reputation as a tourist spot by the sea, attracts many visitors.Brighton and Hove is one of the most popular places to study English in the UK. There are over 50 language schools in or near the city.The main community languages spoken in Brighton & Hove are Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Farsi, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish.


Twitten in Brighton







Photo by Tony Mould

Twitten is an old Sussex word meaning ‘shortcut’. It is the name given to the many narrow alleyways or passages usually between two buildings or walls, leading to courtyards, streets or gardens. Many of these are found throughout Brighton and Hove: the Laines area could be seen to be a collection of twittens, but they can be found in Patcham, Withdean and Hollingbury too.

(map of Twittens in the Hollingbury/Patcham/Withdean area)