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Churchill Square is an indoor shopping mall. It has a wide variety of high street shops, a food court, and several smaller stalls. Churchill Square was named in honour of Winston Churchill and has been a shopping area since the 1960′s. It was fully redesigned for its new opening in 1998. Churchill Square is very near many buses stops ,there are two multi-storey car parks and it’s about a short walk from Brighton Station.

A weekly farmers market operates outside Churchill Square every Wednesday, selling local produce. Around Christmas time there are many seasonal stalls.


In the shopping mall itself there are over 80 stores, cafes and restaurants. Churchill Square has  1600 car parking spaces; It is a key stop on many local bus routes and is around ten minutes walk away from Brighton train station. Recent figures show that the area has over 12.4 million visitors per year and over 500.000 square feet of retail space








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Bees are kept for their honey and beeswax. The honey bee is the only insect that produces food eaten by humans.

Bee keeping is popular around Brighton and Hove- the local association is the Brighton and Lewes Bee Keeping Association. Bees are essential for the environment – over 90% of crops depend on honey bees  and that if the honey bee died out  humans  race could die out within 4 years. Bees have six legs, two eyes, and two wings, a nectar pouch, and a stomach.Their wings stroke 11,400 times per minute – that’s what which makes the buzzing sound.

Bee related activities for schools from the British Bee Keeping Association