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The Museum has a  27 foot  traditional Sussex fishing boat  as its centrepiece.When Brighton became a tourist town many of the fishermen began scrubbing down their boats (called punts)  after fishing and turn them into pleasure boats for visitors. In the Museum there are old films, photographs, paintings and memorabilia of Brighton seafront life. A new Gallery has items about the West Pier, Brighton Swimming Club and Punch and Judy.

Brighton Fishing Museum



Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Brighton and Hove and one of the main reasons why the city has reached this size is due to its popularity as a holiday destination. Particularly well-trodden  tourist destinations include the Royal Pavilion, the Brighton Pier, the Sealife Centre, the Brighton Wheel, Volks Railway, Brighton Marina and Preston Manor to name but a few. Most tourists don’t hesitate to check out the North Laine and the Lanes area, as well as Brighton beach, where there are numerous shops selling touristy things like Brighton Rock or ‘I love Brighton’ merchandise. Brighton Pier is the fourth most visited leisure attraction in the UK. Brighton and Hove attracts around eight million visitors every year, including 6.5 million day trippers. Over 80% of tourists who visit the city are from the UK. The three most common nationalities of non-UK tourists are German, Dutch and American.

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West Pier

Remains of West Pier

When it was built in 1866 the West Pier was 1115 feet long and made of cast iron columns threaded and screwed into the sea bed. It was then and still is a classic part of the Brighton and Hove landscape, and now the most photographed building in the city. It was originally made up of just a promenade with a few small oriental houses and a glass screen at the end to protect visitors from the weather. Later a bandstand, extensions to the pier head, a central Pavilion, a Concert Hall, tea room, restaurants, helter-skelter, dodgems, and a ghost train were added. It finally closed  in 1975, fires burnt out much of the remaining pier in  2003 and storms have damaged it more since then. Redevelopment in this area is now focused around the i360.

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Churchill Square










Churchill Square is an indoor shopping mall. It has a wide variety of high street shops, a food court, and several smaller stalls. Churchill Square was named in honour of Winston Churchill and has been a shopping area since the 1960′s. It was fully redesigned for its new opening in 1998. Churchill Square is very near many buses stops ,there are two multi-storey car parks and it’s about a short walk from Brighton Station.

A weekly farmers market operates outside Churchill Square every Wednesday, selling local produce. Around Christmas time there are many seasonal stalls.


In the shopping mall itself there are over 80 stores, cafes and restaurants. Churchill Square has  1600 car parking spaces; It is a key stop on many local bus routes and is around ten minutes walk away from Brighton train station. Recent figures show that the area has over 12.4 million visitors per year and over 500.000 square feet of retail space








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Farming near Brighton & Hove

Image from

Image from

Brighton and Hove is south of the chalk hills of the South Downs.  The most common crops grown on the Downs are wheat, barley and oilseed rape. This is because they all grow well in light, chalky soil. Cows and sheep are the animals you’re most likely to find grazing on the Downs.The chalk ridge of hills  is all that remains of a huge ‘crown’ of a hill that went all the way up to the North Downs near London.

The farmland around Brighton is not a ‘natural’ landscape’. What we see now has been shaped by people over thousands of years. Sheep grazing, hedging and ploughing  have made the land look like it does today.

Brighton & Hove City Council owns about 6,000 hectares (14,000 acres) of countryside around the city - most of the land from Saltdean to Ditchling Beacon and around Hove towards Southwick. Most of this land is in the South Downs National Park, amounting to over 40% of the City of Brighton & Hove.

Brighton & Hove Sheep

Learning resources from the South Downs National Park

Sussex Wildlife  Trust

The Stanmer Estate


Brighton Marina

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The Brighton Marina was built during the 1970′s. The huge concrete supports were made on the site and put in place by a giant crane which was also made on the site. The main parts of the structure were finished by 1977 and it was opened  by Queen Elizabeth II in May 1979.

It’s now one of the largest leisure boat marinas in Europe. As well as the boating harbour there are houses, shops, restaurants, an hotel, a casino, a cinema and a gym. There are opportunities for sailing, boat trips, diving, fishing and bowling. 

It covers an area of about 127 acres  or 0.51 km

Brunswick Developments owns the Marina.

 The RNLI operates a lifeboat from a new Station  on the West Quay.

A Sea Jet service once ran from the Marina to Dieppe in France -it was between 1979 and 1980.

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North Laine

North Laine







The name North Laine come from the Anglo Saxon word ‘laine’  which meant  large arable fields.The large field that made up the North Laine was once occupied by five open farming plots. Each of these plots were subdivided into smaller fields and strips of land. The layout of the streets is based on the access tracks that used to divide the farming plots before the area started to be developed in the 1800′s. Now the  North Laine bright colours and painted shops are a centre of the city’s independent  shopping.

Unique shops


Photo from Visit Brighton

Photo from Visit Brighton











Although Brighton & Hove has most of the ‘big name’ shops in Churchill Square and along Western Road it has many more individual, unique and independent shops than  other towns in the UK. Most of these unusual places are in the North Laine or along the narrow passages of  The Lanes. You can find out where some of them are on this map. Please note-  this is NOT a full or up to date list and there are also other local shops, not shown, all across the city.