Clock Tower

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Clock Tower

The Clock Tower  is a very well known landmark in the centre of Brighton at the crossroads of Queens Road, Dyke Road,  West Street & North Street. As well as the four clock faces, each side also has a portrait. Queen Victoria, facing to the north, her husband, Prince Albert, facing to the south, her son, Edward Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) , facing east and his wife, Princess Alexandra, facing west.It was built to mark Queen Victoria‘s Golden Jubilee in 1887 . The  time ball, built by Magnus Volk’s , was designed to rise up the mast and then fall down on the hour.

When Queen Victoria had been on the throne for sixty years many towns built  something to mark the occasion. James Willing gave £2000 for the Clock Tower to be built in Brighton. The tower was finished on  20 January 1888. It has English Heritage  Grade II listing for its architectural and historical importance.

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Brighton Digital Festival


Held in September the Brighton Digital Festival involves  events, exhibitions and conferences to show the variety of what  goes on across the City and beyond. In 2013, the Brighton Digital Festival drew over 41,000 people to 175 events.



The Chattri and the view across the Downs

The Chattri is on the South Downs, just north of Patcham. It was built in memory of the Indian soldiers who died in World War 1. The site of the memorial is significant as it was where 53 Sikh and Hindu soldiers were cremated before their ashes were scattered at sea.‘Chattri’ means umbrella which is seen in the circular design of the memorial. It was opened by the (then) Prince of Wales in 1921. It was designed by E. C Henriques from Mumbai and  is  made from white Sicilian marble. There are memorial services every year held at the Chattri. The Chattri is one of two memorials in Brighton for the Indian soldiers of the First World War. For information on the other one, see Indian Gate.


The Brighton i360 is a viewing tower on the seafront at the foot of the West Pier which opened in August 2016. The platform is the highest observation tower outside of London. In clear weather visitors can see over 25 miles in every direction.The tower was designed by Marks Barfield Architects, the creators of the London Eye.

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West Pier

Remains of West Pier

When it was built in 1866 the West Pier was 1115 feet long and made of cast iron columns threaded and screwed into the sea bed. It was then and still is a classic part of the Brighton and Hove landscape, and now the most photographed building in the city. It was originally made up of just a promenade with a few small oriental houses and a glass screen at the end to protect visitors from the weather. Later a bandstand, extensions to the pier head, a central Pavilion, a Concert Hall, tea room, restaurants, helter-skelter, dodgems, and a ghost train were added. It finally closed  in 1975, fires burnt out much of the remaining pier in  2003 and storms have damaged it more since then. Redevelopment in this area is now focused around the i360.

Further information:

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Churchill Square










Churchill Square is an indoor shopping mall. It has a wide variety of high street shops, a food court, and several smaller stalls. Churchill Square was named in honour of Winston Churchill and has been a shopping area since the 1960′s. It was fully redesigned for its new opening in 1998. Churchill Square is very near many buses stops ,there are two multi-storey car parks and it’s about a short walk from Brighton Station.

A weekly farmers market operates outside Churchill Square every Wednesday, selling local produce. Around Christmas time there are many seasonal stalls.


In the shopping mall itself there are over 80 stores, cafes and restaurants. Churchill Square has  1600 car parking spaces; It is a key stop on many local bus routes and is around ten minutes walk away from Brighton train station. Recent figures show that the area has over 12.4 million visitors per year and over 500.000 square feet of retail space








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Brighton Marina

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The Brighton Marina was built during the 1970′s. The huge concrete supports were made on the site and put in place by a giant crane which was also made on the site. The main parts of the structure were finished by 1977 and it was opened  by Queen Elizabeth II in May 1979.

It’s now one of the largest leisure boat marinas in Europe. As well as the boating harbour there are houses, shops, restaurants, an hotel, a casino, a cinema and a gym. There are opportunities for sailing, boat trips, diving, fishing and bowling. 

It covers an area of about 127 acres  or 0.51 km

Brunswick Developments owns the Marina.

 The RNLI operates a lifeboat from a new Station  on the West Quay.

A Sea Jet service once ran from the Marina to Dieppe in France -it was between 1979 and 1980.

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